Google+ Network Profile URL and Google Plus Shortener – Get Ready For Google Plus. If I need takeaway food or a taxi, when the regular suppliers are unavailable; I search for indian takeaway or taxi online (frequently using my internet capable mobile phone) and find out what appears first… and I don t often go past the first page of results! There are, using the example just given, about 1.5 million listings for Indian takeaway.

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Earn Money How and Google+ Shortener – Tips On Making A Profit. There are tools on that are great additions to this URL shortening service. I like the sidebar. I can visit a website, and pull out the sidebar. The sidebar automatically puts the website name into a short website name, and underneath that, I can post a message to Twitter, Facebook, boore or Gmail, with the shortened website domain already populated in the posting box. That is so cool.

The best part about using the Gooplu service is that you get paid for each visitor that views an advert AND the user still gets to the real destination.

Customize Url Shortener and Strategic Planning – Join Gooplu And Start Earning. How are your customers finding YOUR local business these days? For services and products within their locale, they were doing their research in phone books and newspapers. Walking the streets and physically finding a particular business was normal in the era before that.

Free Url Redirection and Google Plus Shortener – Why It Works. Google Plus (aka Google+), Google s new social network, might offer the right mix of sharing and privacy to woo you away from your Facebook account. If you don t know how to use it, though, it s just a confusing mess of circles and contacts. So we ve assembled a few tips to help you get started.

Web services and sites go bankrupt or change directions all the time, so the above scenario is not out of the question. If you re using and depending on these shortening services to deliver both traffic and SEO to your site, then you should ask yourself.

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